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  • Tom and Rose on Sojourn
    Tom and Rose are currently cruising the Caribbean.
  • Al and Sally on Artemis
    Al and Sally are currently cruising the Med.
  • Claus and Rachael on Kyanna
    Claus and Rachael cruised from Bayfield out to Nova Scotia and down to the Bahamas in 2007-2008. Much of their track mirrors our cruising plans for 2008-2009.
  • Bill and Sylvia on Eos
    Bill and Sylvia are presently cruising between the East Coast and Bahamas aboard Eos, the beautiful 52' boat they built in Hugo, MN.
  • Carl and Joyce on Running Free
    Departing from Bayfield, our friends Carl and Joyce Berdie are casting off on their 3rd trip to salt water this spring.
  • Nick and Sherri on Sweet Time
    Nick and Sherri did the Downeast Circle the summer of 2008, sharing several harbors and anchorages with us along the way.
  • Alfredo and Nicoletta on Jancris
    Circumnavigators Alfredo and Nicoletta did the Downeast Circle the summer of 2008, sharing several harbors with us along the way. For an English translation of the web site click the British Flag at the top of the home page.
  • Allen Murphy (Murph) on Kelly IV
    Bill's co-conspiritor on the Great Lakes Cruising Club Internet School ( is presently working his way out the St. Lawrence and South, following a similar path to ours.
  • Scott and Brittany on Rasmus
    We met Scott and Brittany in 2011 while ancored off pristine, isolated, Big Sand Cay about 20 miles east of the Caicos Banks. Their blog is one of the best we've seen. Enjoy!
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September 26, 2009


George & Barb Masson

It seems like you just got started. We'll miss you over the summer! George & Barb Masson (friends of Connie & Wally)

Ted and Jane Bispala

Great posting. We have enjoyed sharing it with our family and friends. Thanks again for the wonderful time. Ted and Jane

Jim H

Bill Judy:

I feel bad for you all down there in the Bahamas this year. Last week as you were suffering those tough fronts, the jet stream (Yes, even down here in sunny Oaxaca, I follow the briefing package; it has helped us know what is comming here next too.)was all the way down over the Keys and blowing 100kts! The jet has been further south all winter than is typical. The set up of highs and lows was at one point, when MN was in the deep freeze, bringing cold air all the way from Greenland to southern MX. The tail ends of the frequent fronts racing across the Gulf have kept a cool NE/NW drifting in here every few days, but except for a very unusual (they tell us) week of rain in Jan, the fronts are mostly dry and quickly dissipate. The last few days, however, have been in the 80's.

Looking at the Pacific briefing package suggests the jet may at last be lifting to a more normal position over the next few weeks so things should begin looking up for you. Our second season in NF was very squally with a persistent upper low that hung around all summer. Sooner or later you reduce your goals and enjoy what you have reminding yourself how damn lucky you are to have the health and luxury of cruising anywhere, rain or shine.

I know you two will not let the Bahama Two Step get you down.

Look forward to seeing you later in the Spring!


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