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  • Tom and Rose on Sojourn
    Tom and Rose are currently cruising the Caribbean.
  • Al and Sally on Artemis
    Al and Sally are currently cruising the Med.
  • Claus and Rachael on Kyanna
    Claus and Rachael cruised from Bayfield out to Nova Scotia and down to the Bahamas in 2007-2008. Much of their track mirrors our cruising plans for 2008-2009.
  • Bill and Sylvia on Eos
    Bill and Sylvia are presently cruising between the East Coast and Bahamas aboard Eos, the beautiful 52' boat they built in Hugo, MN.
  • Carl and Joyce on Running Free
    Departing from Bayfield, our friends Carl and Joyce Berdie are casting off on their 3rd trip to salt water this spring.
  • Nick and Sherri on Sweet Time
    Nick and Sherri did the Downeast Circle the summer of 2008, sharing several harbors and anchorages with us along the way.
  • Alfredo and Nicoletta on Jancris
    Circumnavigators Alfredo and Nicoletta did the Downeast Circle the summer of 2008, sharing several harbors with us along the way. For an English translation of the web site click the British Flag at the top of the home page.
  • Allen Murphy (Murph) on Kelly IV
    Bill's co-conspiritor on the Great Lakes Cruising Club Internet School ( is presently working his way out the St. Lawrence and South, following a similar path to ours.
  • Scott and Brittany on Rasmus
    We met Scott and Brittany in 2011 while ancored off pristine, isolated, Big Sand Cay about 20 miles east of the Caicos Banks. Their blog is one of the best we've seen. Enjoy!
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February 06, 2014


Bill Rohde

Thanks for your note, Barb & George. Actually our decision on changing out the head had mostly to do with replacing our 23-year-old and multiply-rebuilt Wilcox-Crittendon with something a little more current and with easier lever-action pumping. We also can relate to the difficulty in guest's understanding that they need to pump 20-25 times down here to keep the lines clear. That said, we found a product that does wonders with cleaning head hoses in place. It's called SewClean. Unbelievable. We use it periodically to keep the hoses clear. That said, we did replace all our hoses when installing our new head ... good to get a totally "fresh" start.

Why is it that sailors always gravitate to talking about heads? :-)

Regarding water, we've decided not to invest in a watermaker. Carrying 150 gallons we've found water availability to be pretty good, and the cost of water much lower than the cost of the watermaker, even if you build one yourself.

Take care.

George & Barb Masson

We know full well the horrors of a malfunctioning head. We had guests that spent two weeks with us that were cautioned to pump the head a MINIMUM of 10 to 12 times. Their boat has a port-a-potti and I believe she felt she was doing us a favor by pumping only until the bowl was clear. Just as I was about to start dinner the day after they left we had a jam. After a great struggle and many foul words George finally got the discharge hose out of the bilge. On HiFlite the thru hull was on the opposite side of the boat. That made a run of more than 13 feet. Luckily we were still at the dock and George took that hose and started beating it against the dock. I was sure we were going to have to hike to town and buy a new length of hose. We have been told that the ammonia in urine and salt water combine to form calcium. That's what was coming out - solid chunks of calcium. It was past midnight before we got it all put back together and cleaned up. After that we poured down lots of white vinegar and a bit of cooking oil on a regular basis.
We would recommend a water maker. Buying water down there is so expensive and of doubtful quality. George installed ours and the biggest problem was finding the proper PVC fittings/reducers. If you want some advice on this - our mutual friend, Wally Waffensmith, is an expert.
So glad you're back on your blog. Our time cruising was a highlight of our lives and we enjoy following your adventures.

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